• " Pour Dominique Sylvain, seul compte l'art du chaos. " J.-Claude Jaillette, Marianne
    Alors qu'elle préparait un reportage sur l'adultère, Salomé Jolain, une jeune journaliste de TV24 à la renommée croissante a été sauvagement assassinée. On a retrouvé son corps dans la poubelle d'un square du 15e arrondissement de Paris, à proximité de l'hôtel de la Licorne. L'enquête est confiée au commandant Barnier, flic stoïque à la vie privée compliquée, et à son adjoint, l'énigmatique lieutenant Maze.

    Tous les proches de la jeune femme sont sur la liste des suspects, mais un nom retient toute l'attention de la Crim', celui d'Alice Kléber, la tante de la victime et créatrice du site
    lovalibi.com qui fournit aux amateurs d'aventures extraconjugales des excuses et des preuves clés en main pour justifier leurs absences.

    Un lien qui ne peut relever de la simple coïncidence...

  • A lawyer who specialises in French-African relations is found brutally murdered after suffering 'the torture of Father Lebrun' - a burning tyre is placed around his neck until he suffocates.

    The case is already explosive because of its connections to high-profile members of the Franco-African arms trade. But for Lola Jost, the case has a darker resonance - her much-loved assistant, a mixed race policeman named Toussaint Kidjo, was murdered in the same manner five years before - a crime that was never solved.

    Weaving in our favourite larger-than-life characters from The Dark Angel, this is a far darker story, as Lola and Ingrid become embroiled in a case that draws attention from all the wrong quarters.

  • Lola Jost is busy fending off boredom with a jigsaw puzzle when she hears the news. Arnaud Mars - a disgraced police divisionnaire on the run after a seismic defence contracts scandal - has been found dead in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. The gun that killed him belongs to Commandant Sacha Duguin, a former colleague of Lola's. Convinced of Duguin's innocence, Lola throws off her torpor. Together with her occasional partner in crime fighting Ingrid Diesel, she embarks on a quest to clear her old friend's name.Faced by a shadowy adversary determined to keep its past crimes under wraps, Lola and Ingrid must travel as far as Abidjan and Hong Kong to uncover the truth behind their most dangerous case to date.

  • On the one hand, there's Lola. A grumpy retired policewoman who cannot get by without her two best friends: red wine and jigsaw puzzles. On the other, there's Ingrid, an American in love with Paris. By day she gives the best massages in the city, and her long nights are wilder still... Their paths might not have crossed were it not for the murder of a young neighbour. Vanessa Ringer's body is found in the flat she shared with two schoolfriends, mutilated in the most cruel and unusual manner. Suspicion falls on Maxime Duchamp, a charming restaurateur whose suave exterior hides a tragic past. Convinced of his innocence, Lola and Ingrid hit the streets to unmask the real killer. Meanwhile, lying low, the victim's spurned lover, a high-stakes thief with one last heist to go, is plotting his revenge. His inner demon, the Dark Angel, has foreshadowed all...