• On the heels of the successful Stuff Every Man Should Know and Stuff Every Woman Should Know comes the volume that both genders will treasure: Stuff Every Husband Should Know. Finally, the priceless, practical wisdom that all wives hope their husbands possess is gathered in one book! New husbands and their long-suffering brethren alike will find helpful knowledge of all kinds:
    • The Ten Commandments of Laundry
    • How to Hire Handymen
    • Side with Your Wife, Not Your Mother
    • How to Drive in Peace
    • Wife Space Comes Before Man Cave
    • And much, much more!
    This stylish pocket-sized hardcover is the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, or any time of the year.

  • All the Skills You’ll Need to Get from “Yes!” to “I Do”
    • How to Budget for a Wedding
    • How to Choose the Best Best Man
    • How to Pick the Perfect Tux
    • How to Write Your Own Vows
    • How to Survive Your Bachelor Party
    Plus tips on building a guest list, suggestions for stress-free receptions, tricks for melting cold feet, advice on dealing with your new in-laws, and much, much more!