• Dieses Buch befasst sich mit der Entwicklung von Analyse- und Syntheseverfahren für nichtlineare Mehrgrßensysteme mit Modellen in Deskriptorform. Mit einem eigens für Deskriptormodelle eingeführten rekursiven Operator lassen sich die entwickelten Analyse- und Syntheseverfahren kompakt darstellen. Die Rolle dieses Operators im Rahmen von Deskriptormodellen entspricht derjenigen der Lie-Ableitung im Zusammenhang mit Zustandsmodellen. Im Anschluss an die Analyse der Strukturen und Eigenschaften von Deskriptormodellen werden die Schwerpunkte auf den Entwurf einer Rückführung zur exakten Linearisierung und Entkopplung des Eingangs-Ausgangsverhaltens, auf den Entwurf von Beobachtern zur Schätzung der Deskriptorvariablen und auf die Realisierbarkeit von verkoppelten Deskriptormodellen gelegt.

  • This book investigates how architectural design advances as a result of the rapid developments in 3D Printing. As this technology become more powerful, faster and cheaper, novel workflows are becoming available and revolutionizing all stages of the design process, from early spatial concepts, to subsequent project development, advanced manufacturing processes, and integration into functional buildings. Based on a literature review and case studies of ten built projects, the book discusses the implications of the ongoing manufacturing revolution for the field of architecture.

  • Die Digitalisierung im Gesundheitsmarkt verändert und erweitert die Mglichkeiten Menschen mit chronischen Erkrankungen zu helfen, weshalb sie einen immer grßeren Stellenwert für Diagnostik und Versorgung einnimmt. Der Sammelband gibt einen Überblick über neueste, innovative mHealth-Lsungen, die als tägliche Begleiter bei Prävention, Diagnostik und Therapie zum Einsatz kommen. Praxisbeispiele zeigen Entwicklungen und die Inanspruchnahme von mHealth-Anwendungen durch Patienten und klinisches Personal auf und es werden zahlreiche für die Forschung relevante Fragen behandelt. Damit richtet sich dieses Buch sowohl an Ärzte, Patienten, Entwickler und weitere Praktiker, die Mobile-Health-Anwendungen nutzen und zur Weiterentwicklung beitragen sowie an Wissenschaftler und Dozenten mit den Schwerpunktfächern Gesundheitsmanagement, Informationstechnologie und Medizin. 

  • This book presents novel compiler techniques, which combine a rigorous mathematical framework, novel program analyses and digital hardware design to advance current high-level synthesis tools and extend their scope beyond the industrial `state of the art'. Implementing computation on customised digital hardware plays an increasingly important role in the quest for energy-efficient high-performance computing. Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) gain efficiency by encoding the computing task into the chip's physical circuitry and are gaining rapidly increasing importance in the processor market, especially after recent announcements of large-scale deployments in the data centre. This is driving, more than ever, the demand for higher design entry abstraction levels, such as the automatic circuit synthesis from high-level languages (high-level synthesis). The techniques in this book apply formal reasoning to high-level synthesis in the context of demonstrably practical applications.<

  • The book presents a unified and well-developed approach to the dynamics of angular motions of rigid bodies subjected to perturbation torques of different physical nature. It contains both the basic foundations of the rigid body dynamics and of the asymptotic method of averaging. The rigorous approach based on the averaging procedure is applicable to bodies with arbitrary ellipsoids of inertia. Action of various perturbation torques, both external (gravitational, aerodynamical, solar pressure) and internal (due to viscous fluid in tanks, elastic and visco-elastic properties of a body) is considered in detail. The book can be used by researchers, engineers and students working in attitude dynamics of spacecraft.

  • Dieses Buch vergewissert sich der Ursprünge der Vlkerrechtstradition. Die heutige Debatte über die Rolle des Vlkerrechts in den internationalen Beziehungen geht auf die Diskussionen des Kalten Krieges zurück. In Westdeutschland entstand nach 1945 ein vlkerrechtlicher Ansatz, der bis heute für seinen Praxisbezug und die Idee einer auf Verfassungsprinzipien beruhenden internationalen Gemeinschaft bekannt ist. 
    Auf Grundlage des Werkes und Nachlasses von Hermann Mosler, der als der bedeutendste Vlkerrechtler der Bundesrepublik gilt, wird die Genese der praxisorientierten Gemeinschaftskonzeption im Kontext der politischen Entwicklung Deutschlands während des Kalten Krieges analysiert. Die Anknüpfung an die Weimarer Vlkerrechtstradition, Lehren aus der nationalsozialistischen Vergangenheit, die Westintegration unter Konrad Adenauer und Moslers katholischer Universalismus werden dabei als Faktoren hervorgehoben, die einen spezifisch westdeutschen Ansatz im Vlkerrecht hervorbrachten.

  • In the last two decades, multinational companies (MNCs) and global union federations (GUFs) have started to negotiate so-called global framework agreements (GFAs) which define minimum standards for labor conditions across their locations. This book focuses on the question why companies conclude GFAs, and identifies four groups of incentives: reduction and privatization of conflicts; public relations; promotion of equal competitive conditions; exogenous requirements and avoidance of public regulation. Based on an in-depth analysis of incentives considered to play a dominant role in the decision of companies to conclude GFAs, the book attempts to predict under which conditions GFAs can be expected to proliferate in the future.

  • Two sigma receptor subtypes have been proposed, sigma1 and 2. Much of our understanding of this system is based on biochemical and pharmacological characterization of the cloned sigma1 receptor subtype (Sigma1). It has become clear that sigma receptors are not canonical receptors. Sigma1 is highly conserved among mammalian species, however, it does not share significant homology with any other mammalian protein. Although a range of structurally diverse small molecules bind Sigma1 with high affinity, and it has been associated with a broad range of signaling systems, Sigma1 itself has no known signaling or enzymatic activity. The evolution of this field over nearly four decades has more recently led to a fundamental shift in the concept of "sigma receptors" to what may more accurately and generally be called sigma proteins. Largely based on traditional pharmacologic approaches, the Sigma1 protein has been associated with a broad range of signaling systems, including G-protein coupled receptors, NMDA receptors, and ion channels. Sigma proteins have been linked to a range of physiological processes, including intracellular calcium signaling, neuroprotection, learning, memory, and cognition. Emerging genetic, clinical, and mechanism focused molecular pharmacology data demonstrate the involvement of proteins in a range of pathophysiologies and disorders including neurodegenerative disease, pain, addiction, psychomotor stimulant abuse, and cancer. However, an understanding of the physiological role of sigma proteins has remained elusive. Emerging data associate Sigma1 with chaperone-like activities or molecular scaffold functions. This book aims to provide an updated perspective on this rapidly evolving field undergoing changes in fundamental concepts of key importance to the discipline of pharmacology. It focusses on the reported roles of sigma proteins in pathophysiology and on emergent therapeutic initiatives.

  • This volume presents the revised and peer reviewed contributions of the 'EPR Future 2014' conference held in Dornbirn/Austria on November 17-18th, 2014. The book assembles latest research and recent practice on enterprise information systems in general and specifically on core topics like business process management (BPM), business intelligence (BI) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. To master the challenges of enterprise information systems comprehensively, this book contains chapters with a business as well as an IT focus to consider enterprise information systems from various viewpoints.

  • This book discusses a rare form of female genital tract abnormality. It starts with an introduction to modern pre-surgical diagnostic tools, including hysterosalpingography, 3D ultrasound and MRI. From external to internal genitalia, this book introduces all commonly known malformations, as well as a variety of rare congenital malformations of the female genital tract. For each malformation, it includes indications, timing, surgical illustration, contraindication, anaesthesia, surgical procedure, postoperative treatment and key points. In order to facilitate understanding, extensive illustrations and surgical images are also provided. This text offers a comprehensive guide for clinicians, helping them to accurately diagnose and treat these patients, who may present with different clinical manifestations. The authors are well-known gynecologists actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases.

  • This edited volume on Identities at Work brings together international theory and empirical research that deals with continuity and change of identity formation processes at work under conditions of modern working processes and labour market flexibility. Modern work processes in manufacturing and service organisations increasingly rely upon responsible and competent employees who are willing and able to engage in the tasks that their job requires and in continuous learning. That employees are able to engage in taking up new forms of responsibility and master complex work situations is, on the one hand, dependent upon employees' skills and how well they are trained. On the other hand, it requires that employees identify with what they do and commit to their work and the performance of tasks.
    By bringing together perspectives from sociology, psychology, organisational management and vocational education and training the contributions in this volume connect the debates of skills formation, human resources development and careers with individual's work commitment and professional orientations in various ways. With this focus the volume presents a new research perspective based on an interdisciplinary and international approach. We argue that in times of globalisation and rapidly changing work realities such an approach is needed to better understand and analyse what is required to equip and prepare the workforce to meet international labour market demands. In this sense the publication shall serve as a useful resource to researchers and policy makers working in the fields of skills formation, human resources development and organisational management.

  • In diesem strukturiertem Nachschlagewerk finden Sie die aktuelle Vorgehensweise zur Diagnostik und Therapie bei seltenen Erkrankungen der Lunge. Das interdisziplinäre Herausgeber- und Autorenteam bestehend aus Pneumologen, Rheumatologen, Radiologen und Pathologen stellt hierbei die Erkrankungen systematisch nach den folgenden Kriterien dar: Ätiologie, Epidemiologie, Klinik, Diagnostik, Pathologie, Radiologie, Therapie und Prognose.  Ob idiopathische interstitielle Pneumonien, Sarkoidose, Lungenbeteiligungen bei Kollagenosen, Alveolarproteinose, eosinophile Pneumonien, Lungenemphysem bei Alpha-1 Antitrypsinmangels, Bronchiolitiden, Mucoviszidose oder eine andere seltene Erkrankung, der Leser erhält praxisnahe Antworten auf seine Fragen von bekannten Experten ihres Fachgebietes.

  • This monograph introduces the basic concepts of the theory of causal fermion systems, a recent approach to the description of fundamental physics. The theory yields quantum mechanics, general relativity and quantum field theory as limiting cases and is therefore a candidate for a unified physical theory. From the mathematical perspective, causal fermion systems provide a general framework for describing and analyzing non-smooth geometries and "quantum geometries". The dynamics is described by a novel variational principle, called the causal action principle.

    In addition to the basics, the book provides all the necessary mathematical background and explains how the causal action principle gives rise to the interactions of the standard model plus gravity on the level of second-quantized fermionic fields coupled to classical bosonic fields. The focus is on getting a mathematically sound connection between causal fermion systems and physical systems in Minkowski space.

    The book is intended for graduate students entering the field, and is furthermore a valuable reference work for researchers in quantum field theory and quantum gravity.

  • The book provides an comprehensive overview on biology, genetics and cellular functions of serpins (serine protease inhibitors) in health and disease. With over 1000 members serpins are the most diverse family of protease inhibitors. Latest groundbreaking research findings are presented and broaden the understanding on inhibitory and non-inhibitory serpins, not only in mammalian organisms but also in insects, worms, plants and viruses.?

  • This book presents the first overview of the composition and structure of the Earth's lower mantle. The first part focuses on the study of lower-mantle minerals, identified as inclusions in diamonds from different regions of the world. Three associations are established among the lower-mantle minerals: ultramafic, mafic, and carbonatic. The carbonatic association is of particular interest because it characterizes the media of natural diamond formation. In turn, the second part analyzes the structure of the lower mantle, revealing its heterogeneous composition. It is based on the results of experiments demonstrating phase transitions in lower-mantle minerals, and on seismological data. Deep-seated earthquakes point to the presence within the lower mantle of numerous seismic boundaries caused by mineral structure transitions. In closing, the last part of the book compares observed data with experimental data, highlighting several discrepancies that indicate Earth may have a more complex planetary history than previously assumed, and examining its primarily non-chondritic composition.

  • Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems: Optimization, Control, and Computational Intelligence consists of chapters based on work presented at a National Science Foundation workshop organized in November 2003. The theme of the workshop was the use of applied mathematics to solve challenging power system problems. The areas included control, optimization, and computational intelligence. In addition to the introductory chapter, this book includes 12 chapters written by renowned experts in their respected fields. Each chapter follows a three-part format: (1) a description of an important power system problem or problems, (2) the current practice and/or particular research approaches, and (3) future research directions. Collectively, the technical areas discussed are voltage and oscillatory stability, power system security margins, hierarchical and decentralized control, stability monitoring, embedded optimization, neural network control with adaptive critic architecture, control tuning using genetic algorithms, and load forecasting and component prediction.
    This volume is intended for power systems researchers and professionals charged with solving electric and power system problems.

  • This book provides an integrated analysis of the methodologies and main processes occurring at the entire river basin, from upstream until the coast, by merging the biological and hydrological processes with the social and economic components, thus providing an integrated framework for river basin management, integrating the ecohydrology approach with the ecosystem services concept.

  • This book outlines the consensus findings of the ISAKOS Upper Extremity Committee regarding the treatment options for patients suffering from shoulder instability. The aim is to furnish readers with a precise knowledge of the presenting features of conditions typical of different ages, thereby facilitating assessment of patient characteristics and optimal treatment decision making based on the consensus of the Committee. All age groups are covered, from the very young through to the older patient. The structuring of the book essentially according to age group reflects the fact that certain forms of shoulder instability are observed at different ages. For example, while young patients tend to demonstrate instability combined with hyperlaxity, in later years, bony defects of the glenoid and humerus gain in importance. Similarly, the scope for conservative treatment varies across the life span. Each management-oriented chapter of the book includes information and guidance on anatomy, clinical examination, imaging, surgical indications and technique, rehabilitation, outcomes, and complications and their avoidance, and the text is supported by numerous high-quality illustrations.

  • Wollen niedergelassene Ärzte mit dem Ende ihrer Berufstätigkeit ihre Praxis übergeben, sind zahlreiche Fragen zu bedenken. So ist für eine gelungene Übergabe nicht nur das subjektive gute Gefühl von Bedeutung, auch die persnlichen und fachlichen Erwartungen des übernehmenden Arztes sowie die Bedürfnisse des Praxisteams und der Patienten sind zu berücksichtigen. Der Band liefert das Handwerkszeug, um die Übergabe einer Arztpraxis erfolgreich zu gestalten: von der Analyse bis zur Umsetzung. Der der Autor erläutert die Erfolgsfaktoren. 

  • This book offers an in-depth analysis of the Brazilian sugarcane complex with a special focus on technological advances that promote sustainable development. It first examines the question why sugarcane-based ethanol from Brazil is considered a superior alternative to fossil fuel compared to other biofuels produced on an industrial scale and subsequently analyzes the most dynamic areas within the sugarcane sector with regard to relevant actors, technologies and markets in order to determine if the sector can be considered an innovation system. The empirical research presented here is based on multiple research methods and derives its data from interviews with Brazilian experts of the sugarcane sector and by a thorough literature review. The book will be of special interest to researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the key mechanisms in successful innovation systems that promote a transition towards sustainable development and mobility.

  • This volume gathers a variety of applications for remote sensing of vegetation health (VH) and concretely shows how this information can be used in service of ending hunger and of ensuring future food security. In this book's ten chapters, Dr. Felix Kogan, one of the most prolific scientists in this sphere, shows how a new VH method, designed from operational environmental satellite data, can be used to provide advanced predictions of agricultural losses, helping to enhance food security and reducing the number of hungry people. Topics covered include the scientific basis of the VH method, drought monitoring, prediction of short-term agricultural yield and crop insurance, and impacts of long term climate variability and change on food security. A short discussion on VH for human health-related topics such as detection and prediction of malaria and fire risk is included as well. 

  • The fifth in a series of reviews, centered on a single major topic (vol. 1 Bone Formation, vol. 2 Bone Resorption, vol. 3 Engineering of Functional Skeletal Tissues, vol. 4 Osteoarthritis) written by acknowledged authorities in the field, and aimed at researchers, clinicians and others involved in the bone field.

  • Wer seine Zahnarztpraxis mit einem guten Gefühl an einen Nachfolger übergeben mchte, hat häufig viele Fragen. Dieses Buch zeigt auf, welche persnlichen und fachlichen Erwartungen der übernehmende Zahnarzt hat. Außerdem wird errtert, welchen Ansprüchen die Praxis genügen sollte und welche Wünsche und Erwartungen das Praxisteam und die Patienten haben. Übersichtlich werden Analyse, Konzepte und Umsetzung vorgestellt. Online specials ergänzen die Ausführungen, damit eine erfolgreiche Übergabe sicher gelingt.

  • Genetic and Epigenetic Aspects of Bone Development.- Tissue Interactions in Long Bone Development.- The Epiphyseal Growth Plate.- Hedgehog Signaling in Growth Plate and Bone Development.- Role of microRNA in Skeleton Development.- FGF/FGFR Signaling in Skeletal Dysplasias.- The Role of Hypoxia-Induced Factors.- BMP Signaling in Skeletogenesis.- Wnt Signaling in Bone Development.- Development of the Craniofacial Complex.- Dentin and Bone: Similar Collagenous Mineralized Tissues.- Evolution of Bone Proteins.- Osteogenesis Imperfecta.- Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: Developmental Implications of a Novel Metamorphogene.- Bone-Mineral Homeostasis and Associated Pathologies.- Interrelationship Between Bone and Other Tissues: Brain-Bone Axis and Bone-Adipo Axis.- Mechanobiology of Bone Development and Computational Simulations.