• Indomptée

    Glennon Doyle

    Le jour où elle croise le regard de celle qui deviendra sa femme, la vie de Glennon Doyle bascule pour toujours. Cet instant suspendu et inattendu fait voler en éclats les codes établis et elle prend alors conscience qu'elle a étouffé ses désirs pour se conformer aux diktats de la société.
    Émouvant et drôle, percutant et tendre, Indomptée est un témoignage intime et un électrochoc galvanisant : l'histoire d'une femme qui découvre qu'une mère responsable n'est pas celle qui s'oublie pour ses enfants, mais une femme qui leur montre comment vivre pleinement.
    C'est aussi l'histoire de chacune et chacun d'entre nous, lorsque nous commençons à croire en nous, poser nos limites, honorer notre colère et devenir audacieux·ses et indompté·e·s !
    Une envie contagieuse d'être soi-même !

    Biographie de l'autrice :
    Glennon Doyle est activiste, conférencière et présidente d'une association caritative dédiée aux réfugiés, aux femmes et aux enfants en difficulté. Mère de trois enfants, elle partage son parcours et sa libération dans cet ouvrage follement inspirant. Elle a écrit plusieurs best-sellers dont Love Warrior, distingué par Oprah Winfrey, et Carry On, Warrior, tous deux classés en première place du New York Times.

  • Be inspired and empowered by Carry on, Warrior by Glennon Melton.Here's my hunch: nobody's secure, and nobody feels like she completely belongs. Those insecurities are just job hazards of being human. But some people dance anyway, and those people have more fun. On my deathbed, I'm not gong to wish I had danced like JLo; I'm just going to wish I had danced more. On Mother's Day, 2002, Glennon Melton was unmarried, addicted to drugs, booze, food and bad love. Her criminal record had grown steadily more muddied in her desperate quest for escapism. But by a strange twist of fate, it was on this day that she discovered she was pregnant. After twenty years of wilful self-destruction, how could Glennon rise to the challenge of looking after the helpless, innocent child growing within her, when she couldn't even look after herself? This is the inspiring story of Glennon Melton, the mother who, for the love of her child, was determined to change her life forever. Carry on, Warrior is a true woman's book, which touches on the universal themes of friendship, marriage and family in a way that is unique and enlightening.
    Glennon Melton lives in the US with her husband Craig, her three beautiful children Chase, Tish and Amma and their two dogs. She has an enormous following for her blog and online community momastery.com, and as a recovering alcoholic and bulimic she views writing as a form of healing. Her charity Monkee See - Monkee Do is dedicated to helping struggling parents to provide a better life for themselves and their children.

  • THE NEWEST OPRAH BOOKCLUB 2016 SELECTION'A TESTAMENT TO THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY . . . IT'S AS IF SHE REACHED INTO HER HEART, CAPTURED THE RAW EMOTIONS THERE, AND TRANSLATED THEM INTO WORDS THAT ANYONE WHO'S EVER KNOWN PAIN OR SHAME CAN RELATE TO' OPRAH WINFREY, Oprah's Book Club 2016 selection'EPIC' ELIZABETH GILBERT 'BLEW ME AWAY' BRENé BROWNJust when Glennon Doyle Melton was beginning to feel she had it all figured out - three happy children, a doting spouse, and a writing career so successful that her first book catapulted to the top of the New York Times bestseller list - her husband revealed his infidelity and she was forced to realize that nothing was as it seemed. A recovering alcoholic and bulimic, rock bottom was a familiar place to Glennon. In the midst of crisis, she knew to hold on to what she discovered in recovery: that her deepest pain has always held within it an invitation to a richer life. Love Warrior is the story of one marriage, but it is also the story of the healing that is possible for any of us when we refuse to settle for good enough and begin to face pain and love head-on.
    This astonishing memoir reveals how internalizing our culture's standards of masculinity and femininity can make it impossible for men and women to ever really know one another - and it captures the beauty that unfolds when one couple commits to unlearning everything they've been taught so that they can finally, after thirteen years of marriage, fall in love.
    Love Warrior is a gorgeous and inspiring tale of how we are born to be warriors: strong, powerful, and brave; able to confront the pain and claim the love that exists for us all. This chronicle of a beautiful, brutal journey speaks to anyone who yearns for deeper, truer relationships and a more abundant, authentic life.