• Dans ce livre fascinant, le médium James Van Praagh, nous dévoile l'extraordinaire voyage de l'âme dans les dimensions physiques et spirituelles. Il nous invite à découvrir notre mission d'âme tout en explorant son cheminement dans les différents univers. Fort de son expérience de plus de 30 ans dans la communication avec le monde des esprits, l'auteur répond à la plupart des questions que l'on se pose à propos de l'âme et de la vie hors du corps physique : Qu'est-ce que l'âme ? Que lui arrive-t-il après la mort ? Comment se déroule une expérience de mort imminente (EMI) ? Quel est le processus de réincarnation ? Quelles leçons notre âme est-elle venue apprendre et comment faire pour les reconnaître ? Cet ouvrage s'adresse à tous ceux qui s'interrogent sur les mondes invisibles et se demandent d'où ils viennent, pourquoi ils sont sur Terre et où ils iront à l'issue de leur vie. Véritable guide pour cheminer sur la voie spirituelle, il nous invite à vivre dans la voie de l'amour a à de suivre pleinement la destinée de notre âme.

  • Anglais Ghosts Among Us

    James Van Praagh

    James Van Praagh knew he was different from a young age. Not only could he see ghosts, but he could talk to them and interact with them. He realised that whereas some ghosts can be full of malice, others actively want to help the living. In this extraordinary book, he reveals lessons gleaned from his amazing encounters with the spirit realms. He explains what it is really like to see ghosts, how to recognise which sort of energies surround a person or place, ways to protect ourselves from negative presences, and techniques for becoming closer to those spirits who truly want to guide us. Uncovering the truth about the Other Side, Ghosts Among Us also shows us how to develop our psychic powers and how we can all transform our fears of the paranormal into a source of inner strength and support.

  • Anglais Watching Over Us

    James Van Praagh

    Bestselling author James Van Praagh is the celebrity medium whose work is a major inspiration behind the hit TV show 'Ghost Whisperer'. During his international career as a messenger of the spirit world, he has been astounded by the incredible proof of life after death. And he has been amazed by how involved the spirits are in our daily lives. Our loved ones may have passed over, yet they still care.

    This dazzling book is brimming with stories that show how keen the spirits are to help us learn from their mistakes, so we can avoid the traps that caught them out on earth. Watching Over Us is a life manual with a difference, full of wisdom from the Other Side - empowering us to have our time again here and now.

  • James Van Praagh is one of the most famous psychics in the world, whose extraordinary gift enables him to bridge heaven and earth. Drawing on nearly three decades of spirit communication, in Growing Up in Heaven he takes us on a powerful, emotional and ultimately inspiring journey to the other side. With compassion and insight, he offers a detailed portrayal of a child's soul on its journey from this world to the next. Through true stories and messages from those who have passed over, he explains the unbreakable bond between parent and child while offering us an amazing vision of heaven.

    Van Praagh proves that love transcends the physical and material planes of this world, and offers compelling evidence that our departed ones, however young and tragically taken, will always be a part of our lives.

  • Grieving is a natural process. It is through our losses that we can transform ourselves and find new meaning in life. --James Van Praagh James Van Praagh, who possesses the extraordinary ability to communicate with the heavenly realm beyond our physical world, has changed the lives of millions of people who have lost loved ones. Now, in a book destined to open pathways of hope and healing for millions more, the renowned medium and author of the New York Times bestsellers Talking to Heaven and Reaching to Heaven reveals how the devastating sorrow of a loss can lead to incredible opportunities for spiritual growth--and bring a sense of renewal and focus to our lives.

    Van Praagh shares many insightful spiritual messages from deceased loved ones, who shed new light on grief and loss. These stories, along with accounts of his own personal experiences, assist us in viewing our losses as stepping-stones on our souls evolving spiritual journey. In turn, we become aware of how we are connected to a larger universe, between the seen and unseen worlds. This deeply felt, wise, and compassionate book offers hope for a true healing of the mind and spirit, as we move beyond grief and loss--to a life of freedom, joy, and purpose.

  • Lorsque vous êtes en deuil, vous avez besoin de soutien et de réconfort, et ce livre vous sera d'une grande aide, tant morale que spirituelle. Chaque page contient un message de guérison pour apprivoiser votre chagrin et vous aider à comprendre que l'être qui vous manque est tout simplement ailleurs... Vous pourrez ainsi ouvrir ce livre au hasard afin de trouver le message de réconfort que vous attendez et qui vous correspond. En effet, les paroles apaisantes, les méditations et les prières sauront vous consoler dans l'épreuve du deuil et vous aider à retrouver le goût de la vie.

  • Meditate Your Way to True Peace and WisdomMeditations with James Van Praagh is an inspiring collection of meditations and affirmations that will empower you to connect with your inner self. Bestselling author and renowned spiritual medium Van Praagh offers over forty meditations, each of which addresses a specific issue or concern that may be blocking your spiritual journey, such as "Release the Past," "Confronting Fears," and "Tuning In to Abundance." By helping you to truly see, feel, and listen to your inner voice, Van Praagh leads you to develop the wonderful, innate abilities that let you become your best self.

  • In HEALING GRIEF James Van Praagh draws on his unique access to the world of spirit to show you how to move on from pain and grief to achieve inner peace.

    Sensitive and inspiring, HEALING GRIEF shows you how to cope with losing a loved one and rebuilding your life. The book explains that by confronting repressed feelings of grief and anger you can bring about self-healing.

    Through James Van Praagh's advice and guidance you may begin to recognise your loss, beyond the pain and sadness it brings, as an opportunity to involve yourself fully in life. HEALING GRIEF also explores other kinds of loss including divorce, losing your home or job and ageing.