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  • Anglais All Grown Up

    Jami Attenberg

    Andrea is a single, childless 39-year-old woman who tries to navigate family, sexuality, friendships and a career she never wanted, but battles with thoughts and desires that few people would want to face up to.
    Told in gut-wrenchingly honest language that shimmers with rage and intimacy, All Grown Up poses such questions as:
    - What if I don't want to hold your baby?
    - Can I date you without ever hearing about your divorce?
    - What can I demand of my mother now that I am an adult?
    - Is therapy pointless?
    - At what point does drinking a lot become a drinking problem?
    - Why does everyone keep asking me why I am not married?
    Powerfully intelligent and wickedly funny, All Grown Up delves into the psyche of a flawed but mesmerising character. Readers will recognise themselves in Jami Attenberg's truthful account of what it means to be a 21st century woman, though they might not always want to admit it.