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  • Business, culture, and competitive landscapes have fundamentally changed, but the basic principles and best practices for succeeding and future-proofing both yourself and your organisation haven't. With a mix of compelling stories, research from the social sciences and psychology, and real-world insights, Make Change Work for You shows how to reignite your career, rekindle creativity, and fearlessly innovate your way to success by providing the tools needed to master uncertainty and conquer every challenge in life or business.Using a simple, four-part model, Steinberg helps you understand and better respond to the challenges that change can bring:1. Focus: Define the problem and come to understand it objectively.
    2. Engage: Interact with the challenge and try a range of solutions.
    3. Assess: Review the response(s) generated by your tactics.
    4. React: Adjust your strategy accordingly.And finally, the book shows how to develop the vital personal and professional skills required to triumph in the 'new normal' by understanding and engaging in the 10 new habits that highly successful people share:1. Play the Odds
    2. Embrace Tomorrow Today
    3. Seek Constant Motion
    4. Lead, Don't Follow
    5. Never Stop Learning
    6. Create Competitive Advantage
    7. Connect the Dots
    8. Pick Your Battles
    9. Set and Align Your Priorities
    10. Always Create Value