• Le royaume est tombé entre les mains de la belle-mère de Blanche-Neige. Blanche fait profil bas au château, espérant tirer le meilleur parti de sa situation.
    Mais quand de mystérieuses informations à propos de ses parents refont surface et qu'un nouveau complot visant à la tuer tourne mal, Blanche décide d'agir. Accompagnée d'une bande de nains farouches, d'un prince qu'elle pensait ne jamais revoir, et d'un inconnu énigmatique tout droit surgi de son passé, Blanche part en croisade contre la Méchante Reine pour récupérer son royaume. Aura-t-elle le pouvoir vaincre un ennemi qui connaît le moindre de ses faits et gestes  ? Un ennemi qui ne renoncera pas - sous aucun prétexte - à conserver son trône  ? Car la Méchante Reine ne reculera devant rien, quitte à abattre tous les êtres chers à Blanche...
    Ceci n'est pas l'histoire de Blanche-Neige telle que vous la connaissez. C'est une histoire de pouvoir. De loyauté. D'amour. Une histoire où seul un détail peut tout changer.

  • Twisted Tale - Et si Anna et Elsa avaient été séparées ? Lorsqu'un accident surnaturel efface les souvenirs d'Anna et d'Elsa - aussi bien les pouvoirs d'Elsa que  leurs propres existences - les soeurs sont séparées afin d'être protégées. Mais quand Elsa se retrouve jeune reine de son royaume, des événements magiques se multiplient et des questions sur son passé commencent à poindre.Les soeurs seront-elles un jour réunies ?

  • As the last season of Family Affair comes to a close, prime-time teen star Kaitlin Burke is no closer to deciding what she wants to do after the show ends. Struggling with career choices and bummed over a ridiculous catfight with her BFF, Liz, Kaitlin is so mixed up she even starts to semi-bond with her archnemesis, Sky. Worst of all, she falls in with two of Hollywood's biggest party fiends when one of them asks her, "Don't you ever do what you want to do?" Shopping sprees and the Tinseltown nightlife seem fun at first, but soon Kaitlin realizes that being a paparazzi princess just might be her downfall.

    You won't want to miss the fourth book in Jen Calonita's beloved six-book Secrets of My Hollywood Life series.

  • Twelve-year-old Mackenzie "Mac" Lowell's dreams have come true. Thanks to her mom scoring the coolest job EVER, Mac is going from boy band fanatic to official tour member of her favorite group, Perfect Storm. Good thing she's brought along her journal so she can record every moment, every breath, and every one of lead singer Zander Welling's killer smiles in written detail and daydreamy doodles. But between a zillion tour stops and pranks gone wrong, Zander and his fellow band members, Heath Holland and Kyle Beyer, become more like brothers to Mac. When the boys' differences start to drive them apart, can Perfect Storm's biggest fan remind them why they'reperfect together? It'll be up to Mac--and her comic-book alter ego, Mac Attack--to keep the band together and on the road to stardom Chronicling her experiences on tour, Mac's journal springs to life with black-and-white illustrations and comic-book panels throughout its pages.

  • Sixteen-year-olds Charlie, Keiran, Brooke, and Hallie have just been signed up for their own reality television show. They can't even believe it. "You'll be The Hills meets The Secret Life of the American Teenager," the Armani-suited executive tells them, "and the hottest thing on our network." How could they say no? But soon enough, cameras following them everywhere and interfering producers surreptitiously scripting their lives start to affect the four best friends' relationship. Brooke seems to want all the screen time. Keiran is abruptly written out of the show-and consequently the group's friendship-when she doesn't rate well. As soon as Charlie realizes what's going on, she figures out the perfect way to give the studio and her home audience a much-needed reality check. Because friends don't let friends do reality shows.

  • Mackenzie "Mac" Lowell is living a dream come true on tour with her favorite boy band. Spending time on the road with Perfect Storm hasn't been what Mac expected, though-it's even BETTER! But with screaming fans and big-time recording sessions come haters and copycats, like Thunder and Lightning, a new band on the label whose first single sounds suspiciously like the song Perfect Storm's guitarist wrote for Mac. As the two bands set out on a joint summer tour, more and more of Perfect Storm's secrets are leaked to the public. Where's the one place all these lyrics and secrets are supposedly being kept safe? In Mac's journal, of course! Can Mac-and her comic-book alter ego, Mac Attack-stop the leaks and nab the culprit? With black-and-white illustrations and action-packed Mac Attack comics throughout, Jen Calonita's VIP series is more exciting than a backstage pass!