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  • "A cheeky tale for recession-era romantics," (More) from a bestselling author The year is 2006 and Holly Talbott is married to the founder of Comer Capital at the apex of excess on Wall street. Sure, Holly loves being a stay-at-home mom and keeping house accounts at all the best places, but there are some downsides to being Mrs. Hedgefund. Even botox can't beautify her mother­in-law's withering stares, and her husband, Tim, is away so often it feels like she's single again. So when it turns out that not all of Tim's trips have been for business, the newly minted divorcée ventures beyond the Upper East Side and finds that sometimes exes have all the fun.
    Impeccably rendered with wit and style, The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund is an old-fashioned love story and a celebration of New York-in any economy.

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    Kargman Jill

    A long-time reluctant mistress to a philandering art tycoon leaves her glamorous world to reclaim the dreams of her early years and finds herself embroiled in a heated love affair with a younger man, a relationship that is tested by the return of a former flame. By the author of The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund. Reprint.