• Un fiancé inattendu

    Karen King

    Elle devait se marier. Son ex-grand amour refait surface. Qui va-t-elle finir par choisir ?
    Tout va bien dans la vie de Cassie. Elle est journaliste et fiancée à un brillant avocat, Timothy. Seul bémol agaçant, sa future belle-mère très envahissante a décidé d'avancer leur mariage et se mêle de tout... Bien sûr Cassie envisageait d'épouser un jour Timothy, mais pas dans trois mois ! Tout va beaucoup trop vite, et lorsque l'affreuse-belle-maman engage à sa place un photographe réputé pour le mariage, Cassie n'a aucune idée de la catastrophe qui s'annonce.
    Car Jared est en réalité son ex-grand amour, qui l'avait quittée pour accomplir ses rêves et poursuivre sa carrière aux quatre coins du monde. Cassie a mis des années à l'oublier et à surmonter leur rupture.
    Lorsqu'il ressurgit, plus réfléchi et toujours aussi irrésistible, toutes les convictions de Cassie volent en éclat : va-t-elle vraiment épouser Timothy, parfait en apparence, ou craquer de nouveau pour Jared, qui lui avoue qu'il l'aime encore ?
    Un délicieux roman à croquer comme une dragée !
    Le Style Un récit drôle et enlevé porté par une héroïne attendrissante. Une Bridget Jones romantique et impertinente, aux aventures désopilantes.

  • Discover the true meaning of the lost Gospel of Judas ... Lost for 1,600 years, the Gospel of Judas has only now had its meaning unlocked for readers today. Its startling text included the claim that not only was Judas the favoured disciple of Jesus, but also that Judas was killed by the other disciples. Was Judas a betrayer or a loyal disciple? Did he write this shocking document? And what does it mean for us today? In Reading Judas Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King, world-renowned experts in religious texts, explore the meanings of this contentious gospel in detail. Here they reveal a gospel that, far from seeing Jesus' death as a sacrifice for humanity's sins, opposes the idea that God desires martyrdom and instead points towards a faith that is based on inner spiritual life.Containing a new translation of the Gospel of Judas from the original Coptic, Reading Judas radically challenges our notions of the Christian faith.

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  • @90@Told through the voices of a mother-daughter writing team, @28@Addicted Like Me@018@ offers a detailed personal account of addiction and how it affects the entire family. Karen Franklin recounts her own past as a young addict, her struggle with the alcoholism of her parents, and ultimately her husband@95@#8217;s and children@95@#8217;s addictions. Lauren King, Franklin@95@#8217;s daughter, tells of her own spiral of addiction@95@#151;from marijuana and alcohol to crystal meth. As a valuable complement to their own stories of addiction and recovery, Franklin and King also provide advice and resources for parents dealing with addiction. In this prescriptive section they discuss how to identify the signs of addiction, where to turn for help, and how to understand this disease. Told from the trustworthy perspective of two people who have been there, these hard-won tips are preventative in their efforts to help parents help their kids at an early phase, rather than glossing over what may be calls for help. @28@Addicted Like Me@018@ tackles the long-lasting effects of addiction in many shapes, and provides a mother-daughter story of recovery that is sure to resonate with parents and children facing similar issues.@87@@91@