• Un livre choc. Ce livre aurait pu ne pas exister. C'est un document unique. Il s'adresse aux adolescents autant qu'aux adultes. Car cet ouvrage poignant, via le parcours d'Octopus, une escort girl étudiante lyonnaise, issue d'une famille bourgeoise, nous en apprend plus sur la détresse de 40 000 étudiantes Françaises que des dizaines d'analyses sociologiques. Ce livre nous parle d'une détresse que notre société refoule de sa conscience.
    Ce document unique fera enfin comprendre à un large public que la prostitution juvénile est en constante et intense progression aujourd'hui. Comme l'attirance des jeunes pour les sectes, pour les drogues. Ces réalités ne sont pas des importations, mais des phénomènes engendrés par notre société même. Par la pauvreté qui touche de nombreux étudiants, par l'exclusion...
    Avec ce livre, celui qui veut savoir sait. Il y a urgence, sinon, beaucoup de nos étudiantes vont mourir.

  • Anglais Superfast Recipes


    A collection of no-nonsense recipes that will be on the table in less than 35 minutes.

    This is the book for people that love good food but have limited time to cook. The recipes are all easy to make, easy to shop for and most of them have a compact list of ingredients. Chapters are divided by preparation time: 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 25 minutes and 35 minutes. Recipes cover starters, salads, midweek meals, barbecues and desserts. The perfect cookbook for busy people.

  • Anglais Macaroons & Biscuits


    Here is a compendium of all your favourite biscuits. This is a book you'll refer to again and again and even teach your children to make biscuits from! There are recipes for plain biscuits, biscuits with creamy fillings, iced biscuits, slices and macaroons. All the classic recipes you'd expect to find are here: shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, caramel slice, coconut slice, macaroons and many more. There are also features on especially easy-to-make biscuits such as no-bake biscuits and one-bowl biscuits. Each recipe is explained simply so that no matter what your level of cooking ability, you will be guaranteed delicious results.

  • Anglais 100 Classic Cakes


    Baking is more popular now than ever - make a cake to put in the tin and slice off for personal satisfaction throughout the week. Or whisk up some cupcakes and have your friends over for tea, cake and a natter. This wonderful collection features the old favourites as well as an exciting new collection for your cake tin. With butter, sponge, chocolate, fruit, syrup and dessert cakes, 100 Classic Cakes ensures you have something baking for every mood and occasion.

  • Anglais Slow Cooker


    All these recipes are specially created to be cooked in an electric slow-cooker. They're very simple to make and include soups, stews, casseroles, curries, pot roasts and desserts. All the dishes in the book benefit from long slow-cooking and because of that most of them use inexpensive ingredients - cheaper cuts of meat for example are the most delicious when cooked long and slow. They emerge succulent and can be cut with a fork. And because they're cooked over low heat, even if for a long time, they're not heavy consumers of electricity. The recipes are cooked for 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours and all of them come with suggestions for delicious accompaniments.