• En 1961, le brillant pianiste de jazz Bill Evans perd un de ses meilleurs amis, le contrebassiste Scott LaFaro. Éploré, déboussolé, sans inspiration, Bill erre dans les rues de New York sous le regard inquiet de ses proches. Que devient un musicien quand il ne peut plus jouer ? Ses démons l'emportent.
    Dans une prose élégante, Intermède fait revivre l'année de silence d'un pianiste devenu légendaire.

  • Anglais Intermission

    Owen Martell

    Captivating and hypnotic writing from a prize-winning novelist, whose prose is reminiscent of Marilynne Robinson's and Paul Harding's.New York, June 1961. The Bill Evans Trio, featuring twenty-five year old Scott LaFaro on bass, play a series of concerts at the Village Vanguard that will go down in musical history. Shortly afterwards, LaFaro is killed in a car accident, and Evans disappears. Intermission tells the story of what happens next.In measured, evocative prose, Intermission takes a period from the life of one of America's great artists and fashions it into a fiction of extraordinary imaginative skill and ambition. The novel inhabits the lives of four people in orbit around a tragedy, presenting an intense and moving portrait of the burden of grief, and of a man lost to his family and to himself. It is also a conjuring of a pivotal moment in American music and culture, and a unique representation of the jazz scene in the early 1960s. Intermission is a novel of pure control and power, certain to establish Owen Martell as one of the most promising young writers in Britain today.