• The Last Cowboy

    Pat Dale

    Words mean things. And Samantha Turner should know that better than anyone. Associate editor of the Flanders Herald, she's buried herself in word-smithing for the better part of a decade as she labors at her father's newspaper. But when she unleashes some well-deserved but incendiary words for her former boyfriend, she unwittingly sets into motion a chain of events that will change her life forever.

  • For ten years, Henrietta McCall turned a deaf ear to her father's sage advice and now he was gone. And for ten long years, she's lived in a self-imposed prison. Unwilling to admit that pride cost her the love of her life, she turned to teaching and buried herself in her career. With her dad gone, she's given up her career to come home and run the family store. Which means she has to face Brad Trimble, the boyfriend she'd spurned years before; the man she still longs for. Is he still carrying a torch for her? Red-haired Hattie isn't sure if she wants to know.

  • Lucy Fox needs to learn to drive. Thom Hill needs his job as a driving instructor in order to get his feet back on the ground. Neither of them are looking for love. But fate has a way of taking things in hand, a few bent fenders and crushed flowers later, it looks like Lucy and Thom are headed for a happily ever after. However, Thom's crazy ex-wife has other ideas. Can Lucy get her man to the altar? Thom feels driven to love her, but is love going to be enough?