• La crise écologique est directement liée au développement techno-économique de la civilisation occidentale moderne. Nous ne pourrons transformer notre rapport à l'environnement en restant enfermés dans une vision du monde qui est à l'origine de cette crise écologique. L'auteur explore les conditions nécessaires pour qu'un véritable dialogue s'engage entre la vision occidentale rationnelle et les visions symboliques des peuples autochtones. Ce livre est nourri d'une recherche de terrain sur l'île de Viti Levu dans le Pacifique où se trouve la nation Fidjie.

  • This book details key trends involving the recent formation of scores of companies that build and launch small satellites or provide key components for small satellite constellations. The applications and usage are quite diverse and include student experiments, serious scientific experimentation, and totally new types of commercial constellations, particularly in telecommunications and remote sensing.The explosive growth in the design, manufacturing, and launch of small satellites is one of the most dynamic aspects in the area of space exploration and exploitation today. New commercial space companies such as Planet Labs, Sky Box, OneWeb, and LeoSat are now building and launching thousands of small satellites and cubesats into orbit. Small companies and big aerospace companies alike are getting into this exciting and interesting new business.This is a practical guide that provides advice to students, researchers, LEO satellite companies, and regulators wrestling with some of the new challenges that small satellites present as more and more companies and countries around the world enter the new small satellite arena.

  • In diesem Buch präsentieren 38 renommierte Orthopäden 38 beeindruckende Langzeitverläufe in der operativen Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie:
    · Das Nicht-Kennen-Wollen unserer Langzeitresultate ist wie das Verdrängen unseres eigenen beruflichen Werdeganges.· Aus der Langzeitdokumentation holen wir unsere Sicherheit, dem medizinisch-industriellen Komplex mit all seinen kurzlebigen technischen Neuerungen gegenüber kritisch zu sein.· Das Erarbeiten von Langzeitresultaten manifestiert die hohe Eigenverantwortung, die wir unseren Patienten gegenüber haben.Ein Plädoyer für mehr Engagement bei Archivierung und Analyse von Langzeitverläufen!

  • De Pierre à Maurice, de Philippe à Renée, de Valentine à Maurice, de Virginie à madame Veuve Truchon... et inversement.... un roman de René Peter sous la forme très originale de correspondances de l'un à l'une, de l'une à l'un.

  • Anglais Cooperative Catalysis

    Rene Peters

    Written by experts in the field, this is a much-needed overview of the rapidly emerging field of cooperative catalysis.
    The authors focus on the design and development of novel high-performance catalysts for applications in organic synthesis (particularly asymmetric synthesis), covering a broad range of topics, from the latest progress in Lewis acid / Br?nsted base catalysis to e.g. metal-assisted organo catalysis, cooperative metal/enzyme catalysis, and cooperative catalysis in polymerization reactions and on solid surfaces. The chapters are classified according to the type of cooperating activating groups, and describe in detail the different strategies of cooperative activation, highlighting their respective advantages and pitfalls. As a result, readers will learn about the different concepts of cooperative catalysis, their corresponding modes of operation and their applications, thus helping to find a solution to a specific synthetic catalysis problem.

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