• L'initiation d'une innocente aux plaisirs de la soumission...
    Agathe est une jolie jeune femme de 20 ans, draguée par tous les mecs dans la boîte de nuit où elle travaille. Même son directeur en pince pour elle et tente de la séduire ! Mais Agathe est une fille sérieuse, à l'ancienne, et repousse ses prétendants l'un après l'autre. Quelques jours de vacances à la mer vont lui faire voir les choses autrement : tombée sous le charme d'un homme viril et dominateur, notre héroïne bascule du jour au lendemain dans la débauche, par amour d'abord, puis par pur goût du stupre !

  • Selon l'auteur, l'évaluation de la sexualité de la femme dans notre culture est le fruit d'un jugement moraliste. Cet ouvrage analyse la réalité dramatique et l'univers parallèle qui se cachent derrière les vicissitudes de la prostitution, qui se recrute plus particulièrement dans les pays de l'Europe orientale, de l'Afrique ou de l'Amérique latine. La prostitution présente de multiples visages, elle évolue et s'adapte sans être clairement analysée.

  • Minimally invasive joint replacement has become one of the hottest topics in the orthopedic world. In the case of the knee, however, this concept has been widely misunderstood. All too frequently it is taken to mean keyhole surgery in which traditional components are implanted with a shorter surgical time. Such an approach in fact has few benefits and various possible dangers. In this book, international experts discuss truly minimally invasive knee reconstruction techniques that involve tissue-sparing surgery and small implants and permit preservation of both the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligament. These techniques have the key advantage of respecting the physiological joint biomechanics. They also entail minimal removal of bone tissue from the tibia and only a small skin incision that avoids damage to the extensor apparatus. All of the most innovative techniques used in uni- and bicompartmental knee reconstruction are covered in detail, including computer-assisted procedures. Long-term results are reported, and pitfalls, highlighted. The reader will learn how, with careful selection of patients and rigorous surgical technique, compartmental reconstruction offers a valid alternative to total knee replacement.

  • This book provides a comprehensive guide to delivering analgesia and sedation to critically ill patients for professionals and caregivers being involved in the management of these patients. It discusses and explains in detail the advantages and limitations of each drug and device using clear flowcharts, diagrams and tables.
    Furthermore, it explores the new drugs and - above all - new sedation delivery systems, particularly those for administering volatile anesthetics on ICUs. This book is a valuable and practical resource for anesthesists, intensivists and emergency physicians interested in sedation.

  • This book on counting statistics presents a novel copula-based approach to counting dependent random events. It combines clustering, combinatorics-based algorithms and dependence structure in order to tackle and simplify complex problems, without disregarding the hierarchy of or interconnections between the relevant variables. These problems typically arise in real-world applications and computations involving big data in finance, insurance and banking, where experts are confronted with counting variables in monitoring random events.In this new approach, combinatorial distributions of random events are the core element. In order to deal with the high-dimensional features of the problem, the combinatorial techniques are used together with a clustering approach, where groups of variables sharing common characteristics and similarities are identified and the dependence structure within groups is taken into account. The original problems can then be modeled using new classes of copulas, referred to here as clusterized copulas, which are essentially based on preliminary groupings of variables depending on suitable characteristics and hierarchical aspects.The book includes examples and real-world data applications, with a special focus on financial applications, where the new algorithms' performance is compared to alternative approaches and further analyzed. Given its scope, the book will be of interest to master students, PhD students and researchers whose work involves or can benefit from the innovative methodologies put forward here. It will also stimulate the empirical use of new approaches among professionals and practitioners in finance, insurance and banking.

  • The latest tools and techniques for pricing and risk management
    This book introduces readers to the use of copula functions to represent the dynamics of financial assets and risk factors, integrated temporal and cross-section applications. The first part of the book will briefly introduce the standard the theory of copula functions, before examining the link between copulas and Markov processes. It will then introduce new techniques to design Markov processes that are suited to represent the dynamics of market risk factors and their co-movement, providing techniques to both estimate and simulate such dynamics. The second part of the book will show readers how to apply these methods to the evaluation of pricing of multivariate derivative contracts in the equity and credit markets. It will then move on to explore the applications of joint temporal and cross-section aggregation to the problem of risk integration.