• It seemed a simple enough idea at the outset: to assemble a team of eleven men to play cricket on each of the seven continents of the globe. Except - hold on a minute - that's not a simple idea at all. And when you throw in incompetent airline officials, amorous Argentine Colonels' wives, cunning Bajan drug dealers, gay Australian waiters, overzealous American anti-terrorist police, idiot Welshmen dressed as Santa Claus, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and whole armies of pitch-invading Antarctic penguins, you quickly arrive at a whole lot more than you bargained for.

    Harry Thompson's hilarious book tells the story of one of those great idiotic enterprises that only an Englishman could have dreamed up, and only a bunch of Englishmen could possibly have wished to carry out.

  • This is an epic novel of sea-faring adventure set in the 19th century charting the life of Robert Fitzroy, the captain of `The Beagle` and his passenger Charles Darwin. It combines adventrure, emotion, ideas, humour and tragedy as well as illuminating the history of the 19th century. Fitzroy, the Christian Tory aristocrat, believed in the sanctity of the individual, but his beliefs destroyed his career and he committed suicide. Darwin, the liberal minor cleric doubts the truth of the Bible and develops his theory of evolution which is brutal and unforgiving in human terms. The two friends became bitter enemies as Darwin destroyed everything Fitzroy stood for.

  • Un prince pour amant, Lynn Raye HarrisC'est sous la neige de Moscou que Paige fait la connaissance d'Alexeï Voronov. Mais, si le beau prince russe la charme aussitôt par son charisme et sa beauté virile, elle sait aussi qu'il est le principal rival en affaires de son patron, et qu'elle ne peut en aucun cas céder au désir qu'il lui inspire... L'héritier des Christensen, Kate HewittQuand elle apprend que le prince Leo Christensen veut la voir, Phoebe frémit. Non pas en raison du froid hivernal qui s'est abattu sur la région, mais parce qu'elle pressent que ce rendez-vous va bouleverser sa vie. Et son intuition se confirme lorsque Leo annonce ses exigences : elle et son fils - l'héritier des Christensen - vont devoir venir vivre au palais d'Amarnes. Si elle refuse, Phoebe perdra la garde de son enfant... Une princesse rebelle, Nancy Robards ThompsonDans sa grosse doudoune jaune, Sophie Baldwin n'a pas vraiment l'air d'une princesse. Et, pourtant, c'est bien elle que Luc Lejardin est venu rencontrer. Car il a une révélation à lui faire : Sophie est l'unique héritière du royaume de Saint-Michel. Une princesse promise à un avenir exceptionnel, un avenir dans lequel, Luc le sait, il n'a pas sa place...

  • The definitive guide to queueing theory and its practical applications-features numerous real-world examples of scientific, engineering, and business applications Thoroughly updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in the field, Fundamentals of Queueing Theory, Fifth Edition presents the statistical principles and processes involved in the analysis of the probabilistic nature of queues. Rather than focus narrowly on a particular application area, the authors illustrate the theory in practice across a range of fields, from computer science and various engineering disciplines to business and operations research. Critically, the text also provides a numerical approach to understanding and making estimations with queueing theory and provides comprehensive coverage of both simple and advanced queueing models. As with all preceding editions, this latest update of the classic text features a unique blend of the theoretical and timely real-world applications. The introductory section has been reorganized with expanded coverage of qualitative/non-mathematical approaches to queueing theory, including a high-level description of queues in everyday life. New sections on non-stationary fluid queues, fairness in queueing, and Little's Law have been added, as has expanded coverage of stochastic processes, including the Poisson process and Markov chains. o Each chapter provides a self-contained presentation of key concepts and formulas, to allow readers to focus independently on topics relevant to their interests o A summary table at the end of the book outlines the queues that have been discussed and the types of results that have been obtained for each queue o Examples from a range of disciplines highlight practical issues often encountered when applying the theory to real-world problems o A companion website features QtsPlus, an Excel-based software platform that provides computer-based solutions for most queueing models presented in the book. Featuring chapter-end exercises and problems-all of which have been classroom-tested and refined by the authors in advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses-Fundamentals of Queueing Theory, Fifth Edition is an ideal textbook for courses in applied mathematics, queueing theory, probability and statistics, and stochastic processes. This book is also a valuable reference for practitioners in applied mathematics, operations research, engineering, and industrial engineering.