• The Energy Transition

    Vincent Petit

    • Springer
    • 26 Janvier 2017

    Against the backdrop of rapid advances in the energy sector, this book provides a concise overview of the complex challenges in the energy paradigm today, which revolve around the seemingly unsolvable energy equation.
    The author, an experienced energy professional, combines the various aspects of the energy transition into a single perspective. While highlighting a number of salient problems, he also explores grounds for optimism that these challenges can and will be met.
    After establishing the historical context, the book presents an analysis of today's energy industry, different energy sources, countries and determinants of energy demand, supplementing all sections with a wealth of global and local data. It subsequently proposes measures to solve the energy equation and a roadmap for a sustainable future, based on more efficient energy use, cleaner energy production and advanced technologies.

  • The New World of Utilities

    Vincent Petit

    • Springer
    • 29 Septembre 2018

    After decades of stability, power systems are currently undergoing a rapid transition - demand patterns are evolving, while supply sources are shifting to renewable energies at an accelerated pace. This book, written by an experienced energy professional, combines the various aspects of supply and demand developments to offer a unified perspective. It highlights the key changes that the world of electric utilities and power systems will face in the coming decade, as well as the major challenges that will emerge as a result. Supplemented by a wealth of global and local data, the book describes the major patterns that affect both supply and demand, and provides a quantified analysis of their impacts on power system grids and markets. Lastly, it explores the new technologies that can enable the success of these transformations.