Tim ingold

  • Correspondences Nouv.

    Anglais Correspondences

    Tim Ingold

    • Polity
    • 20 octobre 2020

    We inhabit a world of more than humans. For life to flourish, we must listen to the calls this world makes on us, and respond with care, sensitivity and judgement. That is what it means to correspond, to join our lives with those of the beings, matters and elements with whom, and with which, we dwel...

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  • Anglais Anthropology

    Tim Ingold

    • Polity
    • 27 avril 2018

    Humanity is at a crossroads. We face mounting inequality, escalating political violence, warring fundamentalisms and an environmental crisis of planetary proportions. How can we fashion a world that has room for everyone, for generations to come? What are the possibilities, in such a world, of colle...

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